Vueling GDS Procedures

In this post you can find some of the most common procedures for your GDS bookings:

Split without VY segments

If you need to divide a PNR but there is not active segments  as they have been cancelled due a time limit or any other issue, the segments must be retrieved before performing  the split/divide.

Length of the name field

Please note that Vueling system accepts a max of 32 characters on the name field.

Change of name

If the original fare is available, you will be available to do the name change in the same PNR, even for bookings with more than one passenger. Do not forget to reissue the ticket applying the penalty fee per direction.

If the same fare is not available and there are more than one passenger in the booking, you must split the passenger before updating the passenger’s name. Do not forget to reissue the ticket applying the penalty fee per direction plus any fare difference.

Infant name changes (INF)

The INF fee will be 20% of the  ADT name change fee and 20% of the fare difference if any applies. In case there is any fare difference, the adult associated with the infant will not be affected by any fee or fare difference. The following remark has to be added in the endorsement box of the new ticket: REISSUE DUE TO INFT NAME CHANGE + INF TKT NUMBER“.

Infant DOB (name element in Galileo)

Date of birth for infants must always be introduced with format DDMMMYY, where DD is the day (two digits), MMM is the month (three letters) and YY is the year (without the first two numbers).


Format DDMMYYYY is not supported by Vueling reservations system. If the correct procedure is not applied, SSR INF will be denied (UC: Unable to confirm) and the PNR will be cancelled.

Reissues due to voluntary changes

We recommend the use of ATC (Amadeus), Rapid Reprice (Galileo) and Automated Exchanges (Sabre) for automatic change management.

They will automatically recalculate the ticket price when your customer requests a voluntary change, so you can save time and avoid possible reissue errors.

If you choose to make a manual reissue, we remind you that the reissue penalty is added in the CP Fee (Change Penalty), specified in the fees section of the ticket.

Automatic seat asignment for GDS bookings

In order to make our customers’ online check-in experience even smoother, we have included the automatic seat assignment for GDS bookings which contain the passenger’s email address.

How to calculate a partial refund

We have prepared this post to explain it in more detail.

Refund tickets via GDS

We have prepared this post to explain it in more detail.


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